Kyoco Takimoto was born and grew up in Tokyo, Japan. She entered Toho Gakuen College of Music, where she majored in classical composition. While attending the college, she started studying R&B and POPS vocals by herself.

After graduating from Toho Gakuen College of Music, her impassioned desire for music led her to enter Berklee College of Music to hone her performance and composition skills. She majored in voice performance and songwriting with scholarship award. When she was attending Berklee College of Music, she made the first EP with a team belonging to music production and engineering major. She was also singing with Prof. Gabrielle Goodman who has worked with legendary artists such as Roberta Flack, Chaka Khan, Freddie Jackson, and Brian Ferry. Soul-stirring and heartfelt reflection of her performance brought her to sing for a wedding ceremony at MIT chapel.

After moving back to Tokyo, she has been steadily building her path towards professional career in Japan. In 2017, she gave a concert produced by Tokyo University of the Arts and Adachi Ward at Tokyo University of the Art. Her emotional singing with pain of original soul touched the wide range of audience’s hearts.

Now, she is based in Tokyo, performing at gigs, being involved in volunteer with music such as “Hands on Tokyo”, having worked with a Canadian Publishing Company as a recording artist, and writing songs for the next album. Her powerful vocals and stunning piano performance touch the soul of the listener straightly.